Friday, 5 March 2010

A message from ....

Hey here's Mark the Beatle aka Mark from the No-Goods, reviewing the latest single release of my own band. Well, what can I say? Ok, I'm very happy with this one. In my opinion on this 7" a good sound is captured, it was recorded by EJ Kloosterboer at his farm in Laren, Holland. We had to wait a long time to see a new release by the No-Goods and we were not 100% happy with all the stuff we recorded with EJ, but yeah, this sounds good. My personal fave is the song "Wonder", b-side "Maureen" is a bit boring to me, 'cause I played it too much with no enthousiasm anymore. Some songs you can play forever, some songs you play + - 15 times and then preferably never again. I noticed both good reactions on "Maureen" as very low critics on this song. So, I think I made clear now that I go for side one. "Wonder" I wrote a long time ago and I'm very glad this song was chosen by the guys from Kuriosa to be on the single. By the way, you can hear the song, together with other stuff on our Myspace page You can also hear some new recordings there, wich will appear on our upcoming first longplayer, on Minstrel Records from Zwolle. But that one will be out somewhere in october this year. Ok, so far for now, greetz from Meppel.

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  1. Shameless selfpromotion.. always a good thing!