Monday, 17 May 2010

The Vicious Teens are back!!!

The Vicious Teens are back, fortunately this will be a one time event, this Saturday in their local hangout Clouso in Meppel, a place where they have wasted too much time and too much money. These punkrockers have not performed in almost ten years, and why now is still a bit of a riddle, but no reason for complaining. It´s a chance to once again hear some of their great throwaway punk songs they played in the late 90s inspired mostly by groups like Loli & the Chones, Teengenerate, the Queers and a lot of bands on the fine Rip-off label. Oh and not unimportant 2 other great bands will be playing that evening as well the Junohoos all the way from Groningen and the Zodiac Killers from the US. The Vicious Teens will of course be playing first so be on time!

The Vicious Teens - Don´t mess with me

The Vicious Teens - Stay out

The Vicious Teens - I want it

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