Wednesday, 4 August 2010

HET COMBO KOEDIJK Donderjagen op Donderdag Meppeldag

You might have read the following in the latest City Trash and gotten very excited:

After working together on the garden and preparing the big move of Kuriosa boss to Spain, Kuriosa Records and Het Combo Koedijk are happy to anounce their next project. It will be a 4 song EP with of course their classics “Te lui om voor de duvel te dansen” and “Touren met Alfred Nooij”. The other 2 songs will remain a secret, but rumours has it, it concerns 2 other classics. Working title of the release is “Donderjagen met het Combo Koedijk” and will be out during this summer, most likely after the bouwvak. t´s going to be a limited affair, probably a 100 copies will see the light, so act quick, you might even consider ordering your copy now. Of course for this it´s best to contact these schavuiten from het Drentse Land.

It´s a big shame, but unfortunately this summer it is not going to happen, probably later this year. The recordings should be finished during the bouwvak. The good thing is they will appear along side THE KRONTJONG DEVILS on stage Thusrday 19th of august of course in the back garden of Clouso in Meppel. Entrance is free.

At least the video has been ready for some time now:

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