Thursday, 10 June 2010

De Keefmen Tour & LP!!

After a little bit than over a year the boys are back in Spain for another tour. Not a lot has happened when you come to think about it. In between they only played actually one show and that being in the afternoon at Primitive Festival almost a year ago. Probably now they are rehearsing their long waited return to the stage. I´m sure Peter is practising his Spanish ("Gracias"), Henri his preaching during "Don´t look back" and getting of a stage mid song and who knows what Dennis has in mind. Be sure to catch them while you can..
Another thing they did was record some new songs just before Dennis left for NY. And now of course the good thing is these songs are available on a real piece of vinyl courtesy of Dirty Water Records. It has 14 excellent tracks and some great liner notes from Dandy Dave. Currently they are recording a video for one of the songs, which one I don´t know yet and more on the record later when I get my copy. For now go see them live.

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