Sunday, 15 November 2009

New Single Grapefruit Zoo

Out of Drenthe come THE GRAPEFRUIT ZOO,
fronted by De Keefmen´s bassplayer, Peter.
This time on vocals and guitar. And the good
news!! Their debut 45 is out now on Grey Past
Records. A-side is a crude & raw cover of
Heatwave´s Said before, it couldn´thappen to
me. B-side is a song written by Mark Ten Hoor
of No-Goods fame, the neo freakbeat stomper
Missing Someone. A short introduction:
Who are the Grapefruit Zoo?
Peter - guitar & vocals
Vincent - bass & vocals
Ruben - drums
What´s happening?
Our 45 should be out by the time you're reading
this and then we'll be playing in Breda to
celebrate this together with the Heatwave. After
that it's time to record our new songs, at the
Tapeworm Studios ofcourse.
What can we expect?
I have no idea, we are very easy and laidback,
but have a lot of fun playing together. So no big
plans except another record.
Favorite animal? Pussy
Favorite food? Italian
Favorite drink? Red wine
Colour Hair? Red
Colour Eyes? Bloodshot

for the music and buy their new record.

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