Saturday, 14 November 2009

The No-Goods A small wonder

This March saw the release of a great 45 by the
No-Goods. It took a lot of time to get it released
thanks to some recording difficulties and finding
a pressing plant that was reliable. Finally
everything was ready and everybody now can
enjoy their great song “Wonder” on a piece of
vinyl. We asked Mark some questions on what´s
going on.

Enjoying your new single?
We're very glad with our new 7", it looks and
sounds very good in our opinion. It's nice to see
that an old song (I wrote "Wonder" years ago) is
now on vinyl and in our setlist. Eventhough these
are a bit older recordings, it sounds fresh & catchy.
What´s happening?
We just finished the recordings for an upcoming
lp! Our first album on 12" vinyl, wich will be
rerleased by a recordstore/label from Zwolle,
the Netherlands, Minstrel Music. And ofcourse
we want to do a lot of live gigs in the (near)
future, especially when this lp has been released,
to promote it. We also have a new organ/guitarplayer,
Jan and it's very cool making music with him and do
live shows.
What can we expect?
As I said we have a new organ/guitar-man in the
band and on our latest recordings you can hear
an a bit heavier sound then our past releases
and recordings. A lot of songs were done with
two guitars and also some backing vocals by
Peter (bassplayer) and Jan. We hope Minstrel
Music is gonna release our lp soon, but we have
to change some details in the recordings,
sometimes the organ is too loud in the mix or the
backing vocals can have a bit lower volume. But
I think this year there will be a No-Goods lp. So
check for the
latest on these boys.

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