Sunday, 15 November 2009

Touring with Alfredo Nooij

Obviously we had some questions for the driver
of this short trip across the whole of Spain,
a man who already has a song named after him,
Alfred Nooy.
How was touring with De Keefmen in Spain?
Well touring with De Keefmen was a great
experience that only lasted 5 days. Every night
De Keefmen played a show. the bar or club was
rocking, the people in Spain like De Keefmen.
And I have to say the people in Spain I met
were very gentle and hospitable, like Raul and
his wife for offering us a sleeping place, and
Koko the record-label boss for arranging the
concert in Zaragoza. Next time De Keefmen
should tour Spain at least 10 to 14 days.
How is driving in Spain?
Spain is a very beautiful and big country, we
drove from Madrid to Zaragoza (heading to the
North East) and then to Orihuela (Southwards
near Alicante) and back to Madrid again.
We saw different kinds of landscapes, so from a
geographical point of view I found driving
through Spain very interesting. What also
amazed me was that, contrary to the
Netherlands, in Spain there isn't much traffic
(not counting Madrid). That was very relaxed.
And the food? Hamburgers or something

If you like food, like me, Spain is a very good
choice to spent your time or to emigrate to.
They eat four or five times during one day.
In holland you eat three times a day. This
means that I ate 67 percent more there. In
Madrid I ate a hamburger half the size of a cow.
I'm wondering what kind of hamburgers they
have in Hamburg?
Favorite song for on the road?
Great music while driving I think is music with a
country flavour. So let's say Travellin Band a
song from Creedence Clearwater Revival.
But also the song "land beyond the moon" from
the motions is for me a typical road song.
Favorite Keefmen song?
I'm thinking of two songs. Told you once, told
you twice and Sweet Doreen. The first song is
more rocking and fucked up than the second
one which is more a ballad.

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